[Promo Post] 3 Things professional photographers are saying about Galaxy Photoz

Hey Everyone! How was your weekend? 

Since I’m a believer in supporting local businesses, I wanted to help out a lovely lady I met (Leanne Ferguson), by promoting her website called Galaxy Photoz.  It’s great for those in search of a professional photographer.

They are a Toronto-based company with plans to spread across North America with an UBER style app that was build to hail a photographer rather than a taxi or limo. Indiegogo is hosting their prelaunch campaign here [www.go.galaxyphotoz.com] on April 17th and here’s how the photographers win vs how the customers win.

 1. Although the app is not out until June 2017 I know that it is going to be a game changer. They only let the professionals on. That means if you get approved you don’t how to compete with the new photographer who just bought their camera and under charges because they are still learning how to use them.

 2. I know there is a lack of trust on the client’s side of thing as I have heard the horror stories too BUT photographers are at risk too. What happens if the client doesn’t pay? Galaxy Photoz has this covered. Payments are processed by them.

 3. Photographers get to host deals. It’s comparable to Groupon but even better because you keep most of the money. Create a buzz at your studio for a special occasion. For Canada’s 150th everyone is going to be doing something special this year.

The customer:

 1. Need a photographer for a maternity, newborn, cake smash, headshots, model portfolio, event, engagement, portrait or wedding? Relax there’s an app for that. Now, remember these are pre-screened photographers. You don’t have to worry about checking their online reviews because Galaxy Photoz does that for you. Just look at their star ratings.

 2. You’ll be matched with 3 top photographers nearby and once matched you can talk to all three. Pick their brains a bit and see who you vibe with first. If you are super old school you can even set up face to face meetings with them first then select the one you want.

 3. Knowing that there is a 100 satisfaction guarantee should keep you at ease. If something wonky goes wrong with the photos you’ll get a free reshot with a different photographer. The 1st one does not get paid, but hey, that is the oath that all the photographers take at Galaxy Photoz because they know it should never happen.

 P.S Have you ever wanted to fly a drone? This company’s prelaunch campaign is live on Indiegogo today at www.go.galaxyphotoz.com

P.S.S They have other cool stuff in support of their prelaunch check them out www.galaxyphotoz.com





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