The Other Side Of The Street by Eldon Farrell: The truth behind negative reviews #BookReviewers #BookBloggers #Authors #IndieAuthors

Hello Everyone!  How was your weekend?

Today, I wanted to share a post written by a fellow author and friend of mine (Eldon Farrell), discussing what goes on behind negative reviews.  

I’ve recently read posts about book bloggers getting harassed/bullied by authors and authors taking offence to negative reviews.  I feel like this is a topic that needs to receive some attention, and was so glad to learn that Eldon had written a piece on it:
As readers, we can’t like EVERY book we read, nor is it our intention not to like it.  Besides, isn’t everyone entitled to their own opinion?  Some of us may be brutally honest, but our opinions are exactly that: HONEST. 

There’s a saying:

Expect the worst, hope for the best

I think every author or anyone in general should follow this motto.  

What are thoughts? 


5 thoughts on “The Other Side Of The Street by Eldon Farrell: The truth behind negative reviews #BookReviewers #BookBloggers #Authors #IndieAuthors

  1. Great moto indeed. I did a post on reviewing one week ago and told (among other things) that not everyone can love the same books. The lesser ratings can also be the most intereting for authors.

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  2. Well said Eldon.
    My thoughts –
    If you publish a book, you put yourself out there. If you don’t like it, don’t publish.
    If I get a negative review – 1. Let it go if it’s a troll. Don’t engage. 2. Learn from it. 3. A blogger who contacts you about your book privately is doing you a favour.
    Like Eldon, I have learned the hard way if a fellow author has asked for a review to contact them if I don’t like the book. Rarely does that happen, but there are books that just don’t fit my interests or genre or are so bad it’s a lost cause. I won’t give a 1 or 2 star review. I just won’t review the book and I made a point of telling them gently. I had an author fly at me for giving them a 2 star review. I pulled it and refused to continue engaging with them. They keep trying to engage with me, insisting I made a mistake. Amazon reviews reflect the poor quality of the book, but the author just won’t let it go.
    I am not an expert, I don’t have a degree in English or Literature. I’m just a reader when I review a book. I am only an author when I write.

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