Book Review: The Twilight Wife

I received a free Advanced Reader’s Edition from Simon & Schuster Canada, via Goodreads Giveaway

What it’s about:

Kyra Winthrop is a marine biologist who has been piecing together the last 4 years of her life since her diving accident.  She can’t remember her husband or the life they built together on Mystic Island.  While trying to rebuild the memories she lost, small fragments of her past resurface.  Is everything what her husband says it is? Or is it all a lie?

My thoughts

A.J Banner doesn’t waste time! I was pulled into the story right from the get-go.  The story starts off with Kyra having no recollection of her life with her husband Jacob, or the last 4 years of her life.  After her diving accident, she can only remember bits and pieces but can’t make any sense of it.  She has to rely on Jacob and her friends to fill in the missing details.  

Every time Kyra had a glimpse of her past, I was right there with her wanting to know more and what it meant.

This was an easy read with just the right amount of mystery.  Enough to make you wanna keep turning the page.  It had a really good twist and is a book that I would definitely recommend.

My rating: 


Genre: Mystery

Publish Date: Dec 27, 2016


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Twilight Wife

  1. Hi Princess, sounds like a good read. May I ask though, did you write the line about fragments of her memory “resurfacing” or was it part of the author’s synopsis? Quite apt for a marine biologist I thought.

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