How To Roast a Turkey on a BBQ

Wait..whuut? Roast a turkey on a BBQ?  That’s right! On the barbecue!!
Truth be told,  I usually use my gas oven.  But the burners aren’t working and need to be replaced.  Thankfully,  I have my reliable gas BBQ with a gas line so I don’t ever have to worry about running out of gas.

Here’s how I cook my bird on the BBQ:

• the turkey in the pic below was 5 kilos and was fresh (not frozen).

• Stuff the turkey cavity with herbs of your choice.  I used Rosemary, sage and a lemon (cut in half).  I also like to stick butter under the skin.

• turn the heat to 325 degrees F

• Place the turkey in a deep dish and fill the dish with water.  I used two 500ml bottles of spring water. This will keep the turkey moist.

• This step is very important!  Be sure to put the turkey on the side of the BBQ that has NO FLAME.  Otherwise you’ll have inedible turkey, and we don’t want that!

• Cook time really depends on the size of your bird.  I cooked this one for 4 hours and it came out perfectly!

Voila! Turkey is served!

Have you ever tried roasting a whole chicken or turkey on your BBQ?

What kind of things do you like to whip up on your barbecue?


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