The Vampire Diaries: Detoured On Some Random Backwoods To Hell

*Caution: Major spoiler alert*

• Seline has kidnapped the twins and has plans to offer them to Cade, in exchange for her freedom.  However, Sybil has her own plans.

• Enzo is at the mercy of Sybil’s mind control.  Stefan tries to rescue him by going into his mind.  Sybil agrees to let Enzo go in exhange for a meeting at a motel.  Stefan must go alone to hear her offer. 

• Seline & Sybil sumon Cade with the help of the twins.

•To keep the twins safe and free from harm, Stefan offers his immortal soul along with Damon’s to serve at Cade’s side.  Of course, this puts a wedge between Stefan and Caroline’s plans to spend eternity together.  

And here’s the real the end of the episode, Matt & Alaric take Damon down.  Alaric stakes Damon in the heart and he dies 😭 or did he?

What did you think of this episode?  Do you think they really killed off Damon? Or was he just put to sleep like the vampires from The Originals?


8 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries: Detoured On Some Random Backwoods To Hell

  1. Hello Princess, I’ve tried a few times to get into the Diaries but getting regular up to date coverage is difficult for me. The cable package I have isn’t the greatest for new content. I think I got to the part of the story where Caroline is carrying the twins and is at risk of dying because the twins are cursed (or feeding off her). Though I am sure I remember a “dead” vampire making a return in New Orleans, so maybe Damon is just suffering heartburn from the steak? 😀

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  2. I’ve been rooting for Caroline and Stefan since I believe S3 or S4 when he promised he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. In my mind that was a declaration of love even if it was friendly. So I’m upset about where they seem to be going. They need to end up together. I hope they do. Anyway I have yet to watch Friday’s episode if there was one but I’m planning on it. I hope I’m not too disappointed

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      • Okay. Good thing. I’ll have to go through my DVR. I agree, Stefan and Caroline are much better as a couple than he and Elena. Elena and Damon are good together but he doesn’t know how to be without Elena which is scary but then again he didn’t have much time to develop as a man since he died young. I suppose it’ll be interesting going ahead and how it’ll end. The show has taken a huge turn from the books

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