Brr..when it’s cold out, make soup!

Mmmm..noodle soup! One of my favourite Asian eats are noodles.  Especially if it’s noodle soup like Pho.  

What you’ll need: 

• 1 large soup pot (approx 12-14 quarts)

• 1 pkg of rice noodles

• 5-6 beef bones (marrow or knuckles)

• 2 star anise (this stuff is powerful)

• 10 whole black pepper corns

• 1 tbsp sea salt or until saltiness desired.  

•10-15 cloves

• 1 stick of cinnamon 

• 1 small daikon cut into large pieces.

•1 small bunch of bok choy (optional)

• 1 whole white onion (small-medium size)

• 2 cloves of garlic

• chopped scallions as garnish.

• beef or meat of choice (optional) 

Quick Recipe: cook time – min. 3hrs

1. Put beef bones, chunks of lo bak, white onion (whole), garlic, star anise, cloves, cinnamon and peppercorns in large pot and full with water. Be sure to skim off fat every so often.

2. Let the soup cook for at least 3 hours for maximum flavour. Add salt and toss in bok choy. Let cook until soft.

3. Cook rice noodles in a separate pot.  Follow instructions on package.  I personally prefer fresh rice noodles, which you can only get at an Asian supermarket.

4.  Drain and rinse noodles once it’s ready. 

5. Garnish with scallions if desired.

Traditional Pho uses thinly sliced beef, like the type used in Chinese hot pot.  You can use beef brisket or in my case, rib eye steak.

If you are using brisket, you will need to add it in STEP 1.  If you are using steak, cook in a separate pan.

Bon Appetite! Hope you liked this recipe.  

What do you like to cook or eat on a cold day?


10 thoughts on “Brr..when it’s cold out, make soup!

  1. Hello Princess, I enjoy steak and potato pie with suet crust pastry and if I’m particularly hungry I’ll have some honey roasted winter vegetables (parsnip, sweet potato, butternut squash). Simple but scrumptious.

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  2. Ah I am speaking to an expert then! You’ll know all about the fabulous stews and casseroles you can make in one of these. My dad even used ours to cook a chilli in once, it was that hot only me and him could manage it (three whole days of chilli!)

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  3. Yeah he still is and I think his mother made an appearance once (using TWO cleavers!). We used to get his show when we first got cable installed here but the channel packages changed. Luckily we have YouTube to fall back on. There are Yan Can Cook and Yan’s Chinatowns shows on there along with five videos showing a demonstration (he relaxes a chicken with massage before deboning it in 17 seconds).

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