HTGAWM: Who’s dead

*Caution: major spoiler alert*

If you missed Thursday’s jaw dropping episode, stop reading this RIGHT NOW! I’m about to reveal who died.  So if you’re still reading, you’ve been warned 😊.

Before watching this episode, I already had my suspicions as to who died.  It was either Frank or Wes.  I actually thought it would be Frank since he’s reached a point of no return.  Annalise wanted him dead, so it only made sense in my mind that she might try to find a way to kill him and make it look like an accident.  

On the other hand, I only thought Wes was a possibility to keep things interesting.  I figured his exit would only be merely wrong place at the wrong time.

So who actually died?  Drum roll..

WES.  I still can’t believe it!  I was totally shocked they killed off a major character.

Were you shocked too? Who did you think it would be? 


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