I’ve been nominated

Wow!  I want to thank For Tyeth at FTSabersite for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I feel so honoured.  I started this blog merely to share my thoughts out loud to others alike.

As part of the nomination process, I was given some questions to answer. Ready? Here we go:

1) What would you consider your favourite post is so far? (apart from your next one that you haven’t written yet😀 ).

Hmmm.  Good question.  I’m not sure.  I’m a Star Wars fan, so probably the one about who’s more badass-Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. 

2) Why is my Homepage slow to update my newest posts? (It has posts from 3 days ago 😦 )
I’m not very tech savvy, so I have no idea why your posts don’t upload right away.  Perhaps it’s the theme you’re using?

3) Having seen so many “Foodie” posts and recommendations, what’s your favoutite food/snacks while blogging?
Ooooh..this is a hard one to answer because I’m a junk food junkie who’s a total foodie.  But I love French fries.  Especially hand-cut fries.  Here in Canada we have poutine which is comprised of hand-cut fries, Montreal cheese curds and gravy…yum!

4) Wow this is difficult, do you try to plan or schedule your posts or do you “wing it” and write as and when inspiration strikes? (Me personally, I fall between the two styles) 
It’s hard to follow a blogging schedule since I spend my days with my hubby and kids, so I just wing it.  I write about whatever I just finished reading, watched on tv or feel inspired to write about.

5) Who introduced/welcomed you to Blogging?
No one really.  Blogging is something I stumbled upon when I tried creating a website for my husband’s dog breeding business.  However, I do want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers and fellow bloggers. You are the ones who made me feel welcome to the world of blogging and keep me inspired.

6) I have met a varied range of people in a very short time, from the people you have met what is the most interesting thing you have learnt and from whom?
I have been fortunate to have met quite a few interesting people/blogs (you being one of them For Tyeth).  But there is a blog I follow called The Historical Diaries which chronicles historical facts/events that occurred each day.  I never paid much attention in History class, so I’m learning something new each time with this blog.

7) If you were to start a new blog what would you blog about?

I’d probably blog about Yorkies and my breeding adventures with my hubby.  You never know.  I might just start one in the near future 🤓

8) I spent a month planning my site and testing it before going live including deciding which Theme to use, which do you think is the nicest Theme and who uses it?
Hard to say.  We’re limited to the number of themes to choose from if you’re using WordPress’ free plan.  I’ve seen a few bloggers with the same theme as mine (Hemming Way).  Um.  I do think there’s one called Adele that I think is nice.  

9) In the world of Star Wars and Lightsabers colours say a lot about your character, so which colour best suits you?
As you already know, I like the red lightsaber 😜

10) It’s been an amazing 4 months for me since starting my blog and I want to get better at it next year, what are your hopes for next year?
Next year I hope to meet more bloggers, find more time to read and at some point finish my long list of reads. 

11) Phew! is this the end…if it is how do you think I’ve done?
I think you did an awesome job!  Keep up the fantastic work you do.

Cheers 🍻 


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