Netflix & Chill

No..I don’t mean let’s watch Netflix then have sex.  I literally like to chill and catch up on some of my fav shows that are available on Netflix.  Here are my Top 5:

1) Suits -Mike Ross is a law school dropout on the run from a deal gone bad, and stumbles into an interview with one of Manhattan’s top lawyers, Harvey Spector.  Harvey is impressed by his wits and hires him to work for his firm, even though he doesn’t have a law degree.

Country music is not typically my choice in music, but this show is awesome.  All of the actors do their own singing, which is amazing.

2) Nashville-Rayna James is the reigning queen of country music, but needs to make a comeback in order to stay on top of the game.  Juliette Barnes is the new ‘It Girl’ with a troubled past, who’s looking to take Rayna’s place at the top.

3) Pretty Little Liars-Based on the novels by Sara Shepard.  Who’s ‘A’ and how do they their secrets?  Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily receive strange texts from ‘A’ threatening to expose all their secrets only their friend Alison knew.  Except one thing.  Alison is dead.

4) From Dusk Till Dawn-Seth and Richie Gecko are bank robbers on the run from a robbery gone bad, with FBI and Texas Rangers in pursuit.  As they head to Mexico, they stop at a bar which is home to vampires.

5) Friends-Who doesn’t love watching reruns of Friends?  A comedy of 6 friends living in Manhattan.

Do any of you watch Netflix?  If so, what do you like to watch?

Note: Some of the shows offered on Netflix in the US, differ from what is available to us in Canada.  There are a lot of titles that aren’t available because of licensing issues. 


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