Don’t tell Annalise

*caution: spoiler alert*

Things are starting to get intense and Annalise’s life is spiralling out of control.  Each week we are brought back to the same scene-the fire.  We still don’t know who died, but we do know that another body was found and they’re still alive.  Here’s a recap:

• This episode starts off in the present, where Annalise is in a holding cell.  Bonnie comes and tells her about the other body.

• then we backtrack to 4 weeks earlier where Annalise has a rendezvous with Eve at a bar.  Frank is seen purchasing a highly explosive canister but we don’t know what it is or why.

•Annalise takes on a case of a student named Tristan who is accused of credit card theft, which is where shit hits the fan.  Annalise’s license to practice is revoked because of a video that was sent to the court of her slapping her client from the previous episode.

•Bonnie takes over the case and discovers that Tristan has a storage full of baby stuff.  He then reveals that he slept with a teacher and she is pregnant.  

•Bonnie puts Tristan’s teacher, Susan on the stand and accuses her of rape.  Susan pleads the fifth, gets sent to jail and Tristan is free.

• Meanwhile, Laurel goes to visit Frank’s dad who reveals he was in jail, and it was Annalise and Sam who saved him.  

•Frank poses as a prison employee named Kevin, which near the end we discover is where Bonnie’s father is. We now see that the canister Frank purchased was hydrogen sulphide, which was used to murder Bonnie’s dad. 

•At the end, we are back in the present and at the hospital where Maggie (Wes’ girlfriend) works.  The person revealed is Laurel, which I predicted and is pregnant. Does that mean it’s Wes’?  He was the last person she slept with.  Or maybe it’s Franks?

So we now know the dead body isn’t Oliver, Bonnie or Laurel.  Could it be Eve?  She was seen at Annalise’s saying a tearful goodbye.  Who do you think it is?  


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