Physical book or eBook?

There’s just something about a physical book that’s captivating..the look of a beautiful cover..the weight of it in your hands..the feel of its nice crisp pages.  I think it’s obvious I prefer physical books.  However, I’m finding ebooks to be a bit more convenient these days.  Sure, it doesn’t quite have the same affect as a physical book does, but there are some advantages:

• convenience: I’m a busy mom of 4, with one being a 3 month old.  Holding a book in one hand and baby in another is just too difficult.  With an ebook, it’s right at the palm of my hand on my iPhone.

Since I’m a night reader, I don’t require a night light to read.  My phone already has a light built into it and I can adjust the brightness.  This is perfect cause my husband can get some sleep without a bright light shining in the corner of his eye.

• environmentally friendly: I’m not exactly a tree hugger, but I do like to try and do my part. Less paper equals less waste and trees being cut down.  Unfortunately, the pretty books I love to read require lots of paper 😕, and ebooks don’t.

• space: I already have a hard time finding space to put all my kids’ stuff as it is, so it’s nice that ebooks don’t require shelf space in my house.

•options: I love that I have the bookmark and highlight option.  I could dog ear pages and highlight in a physical book, but then it would ruin my book which I like to keep in mint condition.

•Time: time is not always on my hands, so it’s nice that I can get a book instantly without having to step out of the house or wait for it to be delivered.

•Freebies: who doesn’t like free stuff?  Especially if it’s a free book!  There are lots of classics like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, that you can download for free.

Which do you prefer? Physical book? Or ebook?

Hope everyone is having a great day!


10 thoughts on “Physical book or eBook?

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  2. Physical books!! Nothing can beat the feeling of a physical book.

    However I agree that e-books are just so much more convenient.
    They are smaller and I can carry like 100 books around at once!
    Plus all the free books are amazing! Lol.

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  3. Physical books! I have had an e-reader for years but I just can’t get used to swiping instead of turning a page. Also if I am reading in bed I just find it too cumbersome. but having said that, I do love the magic of choosing a book and it being with me in seconds!

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  4. I love both, and as an author, I produce both so that others can enjoy my writing in whichever form they prefer.
    There’s a move towards talking books now, so maybe I’ll end up having to record my novels too. Oh dear, when will I ever be able to just write! 😃

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