When you don’t have anything nice to say..

Remember when you were young and taught not to say anything if you had nothing nice to say? 

Well, I was recently given an opportunity by an indie author.  My first free book in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.  How exciting as a newbie blogger! I couldn’t wait to get started.

I’m someone who likes to be honest and sometimes it bites me in the ass.  But in this case, it paid off.  I struggled with the book.  In fact, it took me a of couple tries to get past the epilogue.  By the time I reached the third chapter, I gave up.  It turned out to be a romance novel about a woman who tries to leave her past behind by turning to a new career in yoga for Hollywood stars.  Gag.  Romance and yoga are soo not my scene.  At this point, I thought, do I give my honest review of 2 stars because of my own personal distaste for yoga and romance? If I do, it’ll ruin this author’s rave reviews AND it’s her first book.  Besides..it was my fault for jumping the gun and not asking what the book was about.

I didn’t want to blind side her by leaving a negative review.  So I decided to do what I felt was right and contacted her first.   I’m so glad I chose this route, because it turned out to be a very pleasant conversation and ended on a positive note.  Other reviewers weren’t as nice, which can be discouraging for a newbie.

Moral of this story? It’s ok to hate a book.  But if you don’t have anything nice to say..at least think about what you’re saying before you hit send/post. 🤓

Hope everyone’s havin a great day!


7 thoughts on “When you don’t have anything nice to say..

  1. For me, it’s ok to have a negative review as long as you are talking about the book not the author itself. You should say what makes you hate the book like if the plot is not consistent or the characters are very dry. Just as long as you’re being honest with it, it’s ok. If it’s not your type but you think it’s good enough then give it at least a 3 stars and say that it’s not just for you. 🙂

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  2. I read a book recently and had a very hard time finding anything redeeming to say about it. I decided not to review it on my blog, but instead left a review on Goodreads. I highlighted the few positives I could find and made sure that the other people knew that it was just not to my taste, but they may like it.

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