More Upside Down

Who else is excited for Season 2 of Stranger Things? A release date hasn’t been set yet, but I would assume it would be sometime next summer.  So what can we expect from this season? Here’s the teaser trailer that can be found on YouTube:

One of the questions looming around is whether Eleven will be returning.  She was my favourite character and I’m hoping we will see more of her, even if it’s only to explain how she wound up in Dr. Martin Brenner’s facility.

In Season 1, she sacrificed herself to kill the monster in order to save everyone.  Naturally, you’d assume she’s dead. But at the end of the finale, Hopper leaves some Eggo waffles in the woods, which was Eleven’s favourite food.  Does this mean she’s alive? 

I still don’t get why everyone is so hung up on Barb! It wasn’t like she was a main character.  She died in the Upside Down and won’t be returning.  Time to move on!


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