HTGAWM: There Are Worse Things Than Murder

Ahh..the suspense is killing me! It’s like chasing the rabbit, down the rabbit hole.  Who’s in the body bag? Is it Frank? Wes?

All we know is at the end of the episode:

•Wes is over at Annalise’s place sharing a pizza.  Only Annalise has tuned him out during their conversation.

• Laurel leaves a message for Frank to come home, while she’s in the car with Bonnie and Annalise.  They’ve obviously come up with a plan, but we don’t know what yet.

• Oliver runs over to Annalise at the back of the ambulance crying.  Which might suggest that it’s one of the students (possibly Wes), who’s dead.  Annalise hands him her phone and tells him to wipe it clean, which could also suggest that it’s Frank in the body bag.

Who do you think it is?  


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